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Effective Media has been great to work with for over 3 years going. From being easy to work with, budget conscious, and building a portfolio that works for your business, I am very happy with their services. Furthermore, they are great with reminders and follow up to ensure you do not miss any opportunities to help your business.

Berico Heating & Air Conditioning, http://www.berico.com/

We have worked with Dave Bowen for over eight years now and have seen the results of his efforts in the growth of our business. Dave is constantly checking with us to make sure we feel that our advertising is working. They measure and report to us on the results and meet with us to review our records as well. Dave and his team are always listening to our concerns and respond with ideas or changes to our advertising campaign that meet our needs at any particular moment. They redesigned our website so that it makes a real impact. We have more performance and participation than ever before. We are constantly able to add or change content quickly and easily in house.

Dave's team are exceptional in their knowledge. They got to know our values and culture and used that to form an advertising plan that reflects the way we see ourselves.

The team at Effective Media always make the process fun. Whether we are to shoot new commercials or review new ideas the atmosphere is always upbeat and exciting.

I highly recommend Effective Media!

Lisa Patterson, Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning

The team at Effective Media is a multi-talented group. Redesigning our website and creating a plan to increase our on line exposure is just one of the many things that they have done to get our message out to the customer base that we target.
As a plus they also have a wonderful production crew with amazing vision of the final product for tv commercials. I would recommend Effective Media to any service oriented company or any company looking for better web appearance and growth.

Craig Canella, Canella Heating & Air

We have had a great experience with Effective Media - their communication is outstanding, the staff is personable and we feel like we're getting our money's worth. From our website to radio and TV, Effective Media covers all of our advertising needs. They are readily available to answer any questions we have and go above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied with the end product. Highly recommend!

Andersen Heating & Cooling, http://andersenservices.com