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What are the Best HVAC Marketing Strategies?

Contractors are always looking for ways to refine their efforts to grow their business. So, what is the best strategy to market your business? It's a tough proposition when your services are not in constant demand. What do you do when only 2% of the population is ever looking for you services at any given time? You have to create top of mind awareness about your business. So, when the consumer needs your services you are in their thoughts.......But let's take this a step further.


What is Top of Mind Awareness for a HVAC Business?

Your potential customer is in need of your services. What do they do? The majority today will go to the internet to search for contractors. But let's back up a step first.....Before they go to the internet, the consumer has some knowledge of your services through impressions from different forms of advertising. Maybe they spoke to a neighbor, saw a television commercial, passed one of your company vehicles on the road, or maybe just maybe you already have a relationship with them.

Tools That Create Top of Mind Awareness:

• Networking
Social Media
• Word of Mouth, Referral Programs
• Company Vehicles that Stand Out - Your Mobile Billboards
Television and Radio
• Event Sponsorships

Here Comes The Real Moment of Truth.....Can Your HVAC Company Be Found on The Internet?

Mr. or Mrs. Consumer searches for your services on their favorite search engine. Can your business be found? Is your business visible on page 1 of the major search engines? If not, you may be missing out on tons of sales opportunities. Let's say the consumer can find your contracting business easily on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Do they recognize your business? Have you made an impressieon on them through some form of advertising? If not, they will likely click on your competitor's website. All you can hope for is to be considered as one of their top options.

Once They Get to Your Website.....Does it Convert Leads to Customers?

Now what happens? Your potential customer lands on your site and has a need for your services, but what do they do? They leave your site.....Why? They can't find what they are looking for. There must be clear Calls to Action!
Give them want they want....an easy solution to their problem. Your new customer wants to solve their problem quickly. Whether it's a leaking toilet or an air conditioner that needs repair, give them an easy solution.

  • Answer their questions in simple terms the consumer understands.
  • Things to check before they call a contractor (Gain Trust and Authority)
  • A highly visible phone number to call.
  • A Form to fill out to solve their problem(on every page of your site)

Key Strategies For Marketing Your HVAC Company

marketing strategies for havoc
The number one question asked by hvac contractors is, how do I get more leads? How can you get my phone to ring? How do I get more website traffic? Contractors are frustrated with the seasonality of the hvac industry. They make all their money in the summer, and give it back in the fall. Make more money in the winter, if it's cold? Then turn around and give it right back during the spring. Does this sound like your business? We often hear HVAC Advertising doesn't work....it does when executed properly!
Our goal is to help you employ the most effective marketing strategies for your business. Create a consistent message and theme through all forms of advertising. What is your company's Unique Selling Proposition? It needs to be focused around what your customer wants first. And what does the typical homeowner or business owner want? They want to be comfortable in their home or business, and THEY WANT IT NOW! Think repair first, this is what your customer is thinking. We work with our clients to craft advertising ideas that meet this need.

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