Our Process

our-processOur Process to Grow Your HVAC Company

Your HVAC company is unique. It has a personality all its own and makes you different from everyone else. Our job is to help you define what makes you stand out from all of your competition.  Let's see how our process can work for you!

Step 1 - Initial Meetings

The first step is to get to know your HVAC business. Who are you, how long have you been in business, what is your geographic service area, business breakdown (i.e. percentage of residential vs. commercial business, add on replacement, service work, maintenance, any new construction?) - It's important for us to know as much about your business as possible.  Who is your ideal customer? What marketing or advertising have you done in the past?  What are you currently doing?   What has worked or not worked for your company?

Step 2 - Discovery - What is your USP?

There is always a reason why someone chooses to use (or not use) your company as their HVAC service provider. We work with you to uncover what makes you different from your competitors, your Unique Selling Proposition.  In most cases, you already have an unique USP.  Our job is to help you market that to your ideal consumer or customer.

Step 3 - Objectives or Goals

What are your plans for your company ?  Where do you want your HVAC company to be in 1 year, 3 years.....5 years?  This is a crucial step that is often skipped.  We need to define your strategic goals now, so we can formulate the correct marketing and advertising plan to meet your needs.

Step 4 - Budget

Our goal at Effective Media is to work within your budget.  Start with a budget you are comfortable with and can sustain at your current sales and profit level.  As sales increase, you can add to your budget.  By having  years of experience working with HVAC contracting companies, we can offer budgetary guidelines that have produced results.  As a benchmark, most business fall into the following categories based on years in business and % of gross sales that should be allocated toward advertising:

Years In Business        % of Gross Revenue (Ad Budget)

0-5 years:           8-10%

5-10 years:          5-8%

10+ years:           3-5%

We often recommend removing any new construction revenue when calculating these percentages.

Step 5 - Research

In order to help you establish or solidify your strategic position against your competitors and develop your USP, we need to understand how they present themselves in the marketplace. Why do people choose to use their products or services? What sort of advertising are they using?  What is their message or USP?  How is their trading area the same or different from your company?

Step 6 - Who's Your Target Audience

Knowing your company’s target demographic is very important. When asked, most HVAC business owners will say that they have customers from 18 to 80. Although this may be true, the 80/20 rule does apply here. 80% of your sales will come from 20% of this age range. We have found that both men and women are equally involved in the purchase decision when it comes to heating and air conditioning, but often times the woman initiates the purchase process.  So, we will skew our target demographics slightly towards the female.  We also help you zero in on target age and other qualitative factors to include income level, education, home ownership, and other pertinent factors.

Step 7 – Developing a Marketing Plan

We create a marketing plan for the entire year for your company.  This is our road map of combined marketing and media options that have the greatest opportunity for success.  It gives you the ability to see what forms of marketing you are doing at any given time of the year.  We also insure that all of the pieces work together to deliver a unified message to the market.

See an Example:  Marketing Plan 2017

Step 8 – Implementation

Once the marketing plan has been approved, it's time for implementation.  Effective Media's job is to deliver your message or USP across all forms of advertising and marketing.  We will ensure the look and feel of your message is the same everywhere; from your website, pay per click ads, social media, vehicles, to your radio and television ads. We take the hassle out of negotiating with the media.  We handle it for you, so you can concentrate on running your HVAC business and taking care of your customers.

Step 9 - Reporting Back to You

Effective Media Solutions likes to engage with our clients on a regular basis.  We schedule monthly meetings to go over your marketing results, and get feedback from you.  It's important that we understand what is going on in your business, so we can make changes when and where necessary.  It's a partnership with our clients.  You can consider us your "in house" marketing department.

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