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May 22, 2019

As contractors, we wonder about this constantly……from quote to quote, why did we win this job and why did we lose that job?

They had a lower price?

That’s what we think in the heating and air conditioning business.  The other company won the job because their price was lower. And we all know pricing for replacement jobs can be all over the board.  The price can range from $5000.00 to $15000.00…..even for same brand of equipment.  So what does the consumer think?  It’s confusing for the homeowner!  Remember the average person only purchases a new heating and air system 2.5 times in their lifetime.  Let’s make it easy for them.

They provided the solution the buyer was looking for…..

It’s more than price these days.  Would be buyers have become very tech savvy.  They have so much information at their disposal regarding the products we sell today. Often times the buyer doesn’t really know what they want, we have to lead them down the path.  The consumer may mention a particular brand they want, but studies show they still trust in the contractor’s recommendation.

Are we as contractors asking the right questions on the sales call?

  • Do you have hot and cold spots in the home?
  • Have you considered zoning?
  • How does your ductwork look?
  • How long do you plan to live in the home?
  • Do you have allergies?
  • Would you like to be able to access the system remotely?
  • Did or does your current system keep your home comfortable?
  • How are your utility bills?

Sometimes the competition is asking the “right” questions and really getting the homeowner involved in the purchase process.  Yes, homeowners can and will get excited about the buying process.  We just have to undercover what their true needs are, and we must satisfy those needs for them.  Often times, if we ask the right questions, we may uncover needs they didn’t know they had!


The Competition is Fierce

The consumer also has a multitude of options beyond the local contractor today:

Today’s consumer thinks buying a new heating and air conditioning system is like purchasing a standard home appliance.  They think it’s just like buying a new tv or refrigerator.  They look at different brands or manufacturers, look for similar specifications or features, and then they compare price.  The consumer doesn’t understand it is more about you “the contractor” than the brand of equipment.  They are ready to buy on features and price.  We all know that is not how it works.  We have to come out to measure, check ductwork, see if the electrical matches up, check installation limitations, etc….you know the drill.   But Look out!  The times are a changing!  The outlets listed above are catering to how consumers operate today.  Look at how the home selling market is changing.  You can simply list your home through an online service, or have the real estate company or agent buy your home outright. You don’t even have to list your home and worry about showings!  Same goes with the car market.  You can buy your car online and have it delivered.  Have you seen the Carvana ads?   And wait there’s one more, the food delivery services.  Think about Door Dash and Uber Eats.  They will bring food from just about any restaurant to your doorstep.  The point is…..Times are a changing!

They worked around the customer’s schedule

For many years, we contractors had “contractor” schedules.  This didn’t really align with the consumer’s schedule.  We went to work early in the morning, so we could leave in the afternoon.  The old mentality of “the early bird gets the worm”.  This worked well for us, but not so much for our potential customer.  The average consumer is very busy during those hours.  It is often difficult for them to take time off of work to be home to meet us.  And heaven forbid, we cancel an appointment or delay it!  So, many of today’s  heating and air companies are beginning to work around the consumer’s schedule.

  • Weekend appointments
  • After Hours
  • Whenever it’s convenient for the customer

Try it sometime, you may be surprised how well it works!  I bet you’ll increase your closure rate!  And, even your employees may prefer the non-traditional work hours.


They made it easy to do business with them

This may one of the biggest reasons we lose sales in the residential HVAC business.  The other company made it easier to do business with them.  This can accomplished in many ways.

  • All around great customer service
  • Installing around the buyer’s schedule (nights and weekends)
  • Offering financing
  • Accepting Credit Cards
  • Online scheduling

Appearance is Everything

Have you thought above some of your personal buying habits?  Why you do what you do as a consumer?  Why do we go to Starbucks?  They are not the cheapest coffee.  Maybe we perceive it is better, there’s a sense of belonging when you go there, and maybe it’s just better coffee.  Appearance is huge when it comes to the residential HVAC business.  The general public sometimes has a stereotype when it comes to contractors.  Please don’t get mad…..but sometimes consumers associate certain traits when it comes to the contracting world.  They have become accustomed to bad service, poor quality, poorly dressed, and generally unprofessional business practices.  What if we change all of the consumer’s misconceptions?  We provide great service, show up on time, uniformed, and deliver beyond their expectations.  What do think would happen?  Here are some other things that influence consumers buying from you:

  • Uniformed employees
  • Spotless vehicles
  • Great online reviews
  • Community involvement
  • Background checks and drug testing
  • Employee photo ID’s

So their price was Higher after all

Often times we find out the other contractor awarded the job did indeed have a higher price.  Studies show that only a small portion of the population buys on price.  The vast majority make purchase decisions based on the highest perceived value.  Let’s spend our time and energy working on how we can deliver higher value, versus seeing how we can cut costs so we can do the job cheaper.  If we all work on what matters to today’s consumer; we will all win more jobs.


Will Merritt

Effective Media Solutions




July 3, 2018

Maybe You’re Fishing in the Wrong Place…

Where do you look for new customers today?  The same places you’ve looked for years? Maybe they’re not there anymore, they’ve moved! Effective Media Solutions specializes in helping your company find and capture HVAC leads!

Is Your Phone Not Ringing Like it Used to?

Are you losing leads to your competition, maybe they have a shinier bait than you? Consumer habits have changed drastically in the last few years due to changes in technology.  Google has replaced the phone book….Social Media has replaced word of mouth….YouTube, OTT, and Streaming have replaced traditional television.

So where is your HVAC company marketing and advertising to find new customers?

So why is your phone not ringing as much??

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You Have to Go to Where the Fish Are… (or the Leads in this case)

Today’s consumer lives, works, and plays differently than the ones before them.  We live in an immediate gratification society.  Everyone has their smart phone in hand and is ready to search and get answers.  Currently 77% of Americans own a smartphone.  (Source: Pew Internet) Studies show the average person touches their smart phone over 2,ooo times each day!

Google, Yahoo, or Bing – Consumers use search engines for everything!

Google processess over 3.5 billion search queries each day.  They are responsible for almost 80% of all search traffic.  (Source: Internet Live Stats)  Are potential customers finding your HVAC business on Google?  Or are they finding your competition?

Social Media – People are social today, it’s their source for conversation and information


Does your HVAC company have a presence on YouTube?  Did you realize YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine used after Google?  Consumers today are constantly searching “How to’s” to fix things and learn more.

OTT or “Over the Top Television” – “The Cord Cutters”

More and more consumers today are cutting the cord from traditional television.  People want to watch what they want when they want, so they have so many new options to choose from over standard tv or cable.

  • Smart TV’s
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Netflix
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Hulu

The list goes on and on with choices today!  Did you know you can advertise on these platforms?  The bottom line is, we need to be where the consumer is today.

Old Fishing Techniques Can Still Work?

Old habits are hard to break.  For many years, the phonebook or yellow pages dominated advertising budgets for heating and air conditioning contractors.  The same with direct mail, billboards, radio, and television.  These are still great branding tools for HVAC companies!  But we have to include the new fishing spots….

Our team at Effective Media Solutions can help you best allocate your marketing funds.

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February 25, 2018

Watch Our Vlog

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Vlogs to Market Your HVAC Company

When it comes to marketing for HVAC companies, blogs are a crucial piece of the puzzle. Blogging enhances SEO, which essentially means that your webpage is more easily found by people browsing online. However, in order to reach your target audience effectively, you need to use video blogs, or vlogs, as well. Here are the top 5 reasons your HVAC company needs to start vlogging.

Vlogs increase brand presence

Blogs are excellent for attracting site traffic from people searching for specific HVAC information. However, if you want to cast a wider net, vlogging is the key. Vlogs are easy to share and watch, so viewers of your content are naturally inclined to spread your message and recipients are likely to open your links.

Vlogging creates a brand identity

Many HVAC companies struggle to establish a brand identity, and blogs don’t necessarily help the issue. Blogs are inherently information-dense, whereas video allows for more entertainment value that can give a face to your company in the mind of the consumer. In addition, vlogs fit seamlessly into the social media landscape, whereas traditional blogs are mostly limited to your website.

Brand promotion through vlogging

Once you’ve built your brand identity, you can use vlogs to promote it. A short video touring your offices and interviewing team members can be a powerful recruitment tool for potential employees. Also, filmed customer testimonials are even more compelling than written reviews and are invaluable promotional assets.

“How to” HVAC vlogs

There are some topics that are more suited for the written word. For instance, highly technical or complex HVAC subjects are better understood when the reader can learn at their own pace. On the other hand, “How to topics” can be best covered in video format.

Millennials and mobile video

According to Google, over 80% of millennials own smartphones, and roughly 98% of those individuals watch videos on their smartphones during the day. Therefore, the answer is simple: If you want to reach millennials, you need to incorporate vlogs into your website and social media presence.

Blogs + Vlogs = A healthy HVAC marketing plan

Don’t go deleting the Blogs tab from your webpage just yet! Blogs are still fundamental for your SEO marketing efforts. Still, vlogging allows you to use similar tactics to influence new marketing channels and untapped audiences. The key is to discover the equilibrium that works for your company.


October 20, 2017

Marketing an HVAC company is a continuous process that, by its nature, is never finished. Whether it’s the season of the year or the state of the economy, internal and external factors will shape the way you promote your business to your target audience. However, there is one facet of your marketing strategy that should remain constant. Your business may grow and your customer base may evolve, but your core message will stay the same. Read on as we explore the most compelling ways you can communicate your business’s message to the world.

Why is a core message so crucial?

Do you know what your core message is? This may seem like a simple question, but it can be surprisingly hard to provide a simple, honest answer. Well, let’s start with examining the meaning of “core message”. Think of your core message as the “theme” of your business, or the “It Factor”. If you had to define your business’s purpose in a few words, you would eventually discover its core message. The core message is how you would describe your company to your customers if you were only allowed to use the same sentence each time. It’s the sum of all your values, strengths, and differentiating attributes that set you apart from your competitors. When viewed this way, we like to think of it as your “USP”, or Unique Selling Proposition. What do your customers need to know to choose you over the competition? That’s your core message. This message should resonate throughout your marketing strategy. It should inform all your promotional efforts, whether implicitly or explicitly.

How to convey your HVAC company’s core message

Your USP should be the subtext of everything you communicate to your customers, whether it be advertisements, blogs, or an informational webpage. But how do you convey a core message to your customer base? Well, that depends on what the message is. At Effective Media Solutions, we’ve found that most HVAC company’s USPs fall under three broad categories: Trust, Value, and Fixed Now.

Trust: The emotional appeal

This is perhaps the most powerful way to attract consumers to your business. As humans, we’re guided by our emotions, and the way we feel greatly affects the choices we make. This is particularly true in the world of HVAC. The success of your business depends on the trust that you cultivate between your company and the people you service. As a result, pulling back the curtain and relating to your customers on a personal level is a great way to strengthen that connection. Are you a family business? Have you served the same community for decades? Is there a charity you’re passionately involved in? Does your company focus on green, environmentally friendly comfort solutions? Be vocal about what drives you, and consumers will identify with and gravitate towards your business. If trust is a major part of your core message, social media is critical to your marketing strategy. Social media allows consumers to get to know the people behind your company, reinforcing the sentiment conveyed through your core message. In addition, blogs provide an excellent space to illustrate your company’s USP. Choose topics such as “5 Tips to Save Energy and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint” or “Jones Heating & Air: Serving Our Community for 50 Years” to build a bond with your audience.

Value: What all consumers want

While trust is important, there is a significant demographic that considers value above all else when choosing an HVAC provider. If your business satisfies their needs, then your core message is simple: “We provide the maximum value for HVAC services in our area”. Of course, you must be able to back up a core message centered on value. Today’s HVAC customer will use any and all resources available on the internet to make an informed, shrewd decision as to which contractor is most valuable to them. Furthermore, if they don’t believe your value lives up to your core message, they’ll make sure the world knows it via online reviews. Remember that value isn’t synonymous with low-priced. You want to maximum your customer’s perceived value so they feel their dollars have been well spent. Excellent HVAC service at a moderate price is much more valuable than mediocre service at an “unbeatable price”. If you offer more value than your competition, then all you need to do is spread the message far and wide. TV, radio and digital ads all reach large customer bases in various geographic areas. Whether your focus is quality service or unbeatable HVAC repair coupons, the goal is maximum exposure.

Fixed Now: The simple, effective HVAC message

At the end of the day, people want fast, reliable HVAC services. At Effective Media Solutions, we specialize in raising “top-of-mind awareness” among your customers. Nonetheless, the fact remains that many consumers only think about HVAC when they need repair. They want their furnace or air conditioner “fixed now”, plain and simple. If your company excels at quick response time and efficient repair, then fixed now should be at the heart of your core message. Your slogans and taglines should be phrased to reflect this USP. In addition, promote preventative maintenance plans which offer priority or emergency HVAC service to preferred customers. Prompt service is one of the most effective USPs an HVAC contractor can boast.

Trust, Value & Fixed Now: The Keys to HVAC Success

The three tenets of Trust, Value and Fixed Now provide an intuitive, straightforward template to help you craft your business’s core message. However, they also serve as guideposts for a healthy HVAC company. While you may find that your USP mostly aligns with one of these principles, the fact of the matter is that you need all three in order for your business to be successful. Promoting quick service is a great way to attract customers, but if they don’t feel a sense of trust with your company, or their perceived value is low, they won’t be coming back. Broadcast your strengths, but make sure your whole house is in order!

Once you determine your core message, the rest of your marketing plan will fall into place. In fact, you may even discover a direction that breathes new life into your business! Are you ready to identify your USP and craft a distinct core message for your HVAC company? Call Effective Media Solutions today, or click here to get in touch with our marketing team!
Will Young
Digital Content Manager


October 3, 2017

Today’s Consumer Wants Three Things From You

If you read our last blog, you know that there are now more ways than ever for HVAC contractors to reach their target audience. However, getting the message out there is only half the battle. Without a message that speaks directly to your customers’ desires and needs, your marketing efforts could be falling on deaf ears. Read on to see what your target audience looks for in an HVAC contractor.

HVAC Knowledge & Credibility

First and foremost, consumers look for credibility when choosing an HVAC contractor. No matter what the product or service is, people want to know they’re getting quality for their money. So how do you prove your worth as a heating & cooling provider? For starters, you should be easy to find. If you’re not on the first or second page of Google’s search results for AC services in your area, your chances of being found are minimal. Online shoppers rarely consider search results past the first or second page as the top choices for services. Advanced SEO tactics will improve your search engine rankings and increase your credibility. In addition, post blogs that demonstrate your industry knowledge and provide helpful HVAC tips to today’s information hungry consumer.


For today’s consumer, convenience is invaluable. People will often pay a higher price for services if it means less stress and time spent shopping. There are various ways to make things easier on your customers. Your website should be simple, easy to navigate, and most importantly, mobile-friendly. If consumers can schedule AC or heating repair from their smartphone instead of having to open up their laptop, they will. Also, you should be easy to contact. Is your business info listed on different directories and social media pages, or is it only on your website? Finally, you should have a quick response time to customer inquiries on social media. A prompt response to a customer’s message will give them great incentive to contact you again.

Superior Customer Service

At the end of the day, nothing beats reliable customer service, especially when it comes to HVAC. It doesn’t matter if you have the best rates or the most experience. If your customer service isn’t better than your competitors, you’ll lose business. Do your customers have multiple ways to reach you when they have an AC emergency? Can they expect a quick, friendly response when they reach out on social media? Do they feel like they’re your #1 customer, even when your phone is ringing off the hook? These are the differentiating factors that separate you from your competitors in the eyes of a consumer. Elevate your HVAC business with superior customer service, and the results will follow!


HVAC is an industry founded on and rooted in the trust that exists between contractors and their customers. Your technicians enter people’s homes and provide their families with year-round comfort and safety. They need to trust you like a neighbor, which means they need to know you like a neighbor. And there’s no better way to give your business a human face than with social media. Some of the most trustworthy HVAC contractors out there have no brand image, making them easy to overlook. Why not break through the noise with a social media presence unique to your brand? People like doing business with “Real” people, not companies, and social media gives your company a personality that will connect with your target market in ways other advertising methods can’t. Social media is also a great source of word-of-mouth marketing, one of the most valuable sources of leads for HVAC contractors.


The modern consumer has a unique ability to compare several providers at once, all without leaving their living room. They can research the scope of services provided, service areas, and prices to determine which contractor meets their individual criteria. So how do you ensure that your business out-competes the countless other HVAC contractors that your target audience encounters? One word: Value. Offer maximum value for your services, and you’ll generate new leads while retaining your current customers. Keep in mind that value isn’t the same as “low-cost”. You know that most low-cost providers offer subpar services to match their cheap prices. Nonetheless, you have to show your customers why you’re worth the price. You offer excellent HVAC services, so your rates, while fair, reflect your quality. Let people know they’re getting the most bang for their buck, and they’ll be happy to do business with you.


Effective marketing strategies can expand your brand’s presence, even when people don’t necessarily have HVAC on the brain. However, when the AC goes out during a scorcher, or the furnace shuts down during a snowstorm, your customers will come running to you, not the other way around. When this happens, it’s absolutely essential that you can provide fast service with a rapid response time. The easiest way to turn away a lead is to tell someone it may be days before you can repair their equipment. On the other hand, fast response time to a service call is more than likely to earn you a repeat customer. If you can say, “Yes, we can do that!” while your competition says, “No, we can’t”, you’ll earn a rock-solid reputation as the go-to HVAC contractor in your area.

Consumer Thinking

Remember to take your “Contractor” hat off and think like the consumer thinks. They want to “Trust” your company provides them with “Value” in a timely manner, they want it ”Fixed Now!” Modeling your HVAC business around these core beliefs will help you outpace the competition.
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August 24, 2017

Times are Changing….Rapidly!

It’s no secret that technology continues to change our lifestyles year after year. However, staying ahead of the curve when it comes to these changes seems like a tall order for many HVAC contractors. In order to reach today’s consumer, you have to understand the way their viewing habits and entertainment preferences have evolved. Whether you’re a new HVAC provider or an established name in the business, your target audience’s tastes and behaviors are different than what they were even a few years ago. Here are a few ways you can bring your HVAC marketing strategy into 2017 and beyond.

Diversify your radio presence

The emergence of digital outlets like Pandora and Spotify has changed the radio industry forever. So what does this mean for your company? Well, if you want to stay relevant to your audience, it’s time to diversify your radio presence. Advertising on streaming services like Pandora and Spotify allows for superior targeting capabilities. You can tailor your message specifically to your intended customers depending on the demographic data you are targeting, regardless of the consumer’s listening behaviors and musical tastes. In addition, ads on digital radio can be very similar in cost. So, this means you can say goodbye to traditional radio, right? Not so fast. While streaming services are growing rapidly, good ol’ fashioned radio isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The vast majority of Americans still listen to radio at some point in the day, making it an excellent tool to broadcast to a wide audience across a large geographic area. (Check out the facts for yourself) Finding the right balance between traditional and streaming ads is the key to an enhanced radio marketing strategy.

The rise of the cord cutters

While traditional radio is still going strong, the cable TV industry is being shaken up. Video streaming services allow users to watch all their favorite shows without having to deal with a contract with the cable company. This has ushered in a massive shift of people away from cable or satellite to sign up for streaming services. As an HVAC contractor, it’s crucial to recognize this trend and act accordingly. Services like Amazon Video, Sling, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, Crackle, and YouTube TV all include advertisements in their programming. These ads cannot be skipped on these streaming services, so no worries about consumers fast forwarding through your spot.  And with countless hours of shows on numerous streaming platforms, that’s a lot of ad time to take advantage of. Why not create a brand presence in the midst of all that binge watching? (Check out the cord cutter audience)

Mobile advertising is the future

Over three quarters of Americans now own a smartphone, a number that is steadily rising. If you’re an HVAC contractor who’s worried about how to reach a customer base that is watching less TV and reading less newspapers, here’s your opportunity. The majority of consumers now carry the internet with them everywhere they go. With that being said, a focused mobile marketing strategy is crucial for any business owner in 2017. Mobile ads can make a significant impact on social media platforms, smartphone-friendly websites, and mobile-only apps. Nonetheless, while mobile advertising is a key tactic for HVAC companies, creating brand awareness and generating conversions is all about quality content, no matter what the medium.

Are you Social?

Social media has become a part of the fabric of today’s society. It began over 10 years ago as the “young” person’s playground. Now it has transformed into a juggernaut of news, video, opinion pieces, and yes an advertising platform. According to research (PEW Research Center),  8 in 10 online users today are using Facebook with Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter gaining ground. I bet most of your customers are hanging out here too? Social Media has become the new “Word of Mouth” advertising. This is a great place to create brand awareness for your HVAC or Plumbing business. You can humanize your company with personal pics of employees, your community involvement, and other fun activities. Consumers like to associate a bond with companies they do business with.  The key is to drive engagement with your social media base.  Strike up a conversation…post things that are relevant to your local community, if it matters to your followers they will engage.  You can even market your services and provide special coupons to social media followers.  Learn more about social media for HVAC here.

Now that you’re better equipped to reach your customers, you need to know what they want and expect from you. Check back soon as we discuss what today’s consumer looks for in an HVAC provider.

Will Young
Social Media Director


June 14, 2017

Social Media Engagement drives your HVAC brand!

As an HVAC contractor, using social media to grow your business can seem like a daunting task. How could heating and air conditioning possibly make an impact in the world of funny animal videos, pictures of colorful coffee drinks, and memes? Well, it turns out that social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to interact with and learn about your customer base. Here are 5 tips to drive social media engagement for your company.

  1. Use original images

In order to break through the noise and create posts that captivate your audience, you need use unique and brand-specific images that speak to your company’s personality.  Posts with images receive far more likes and comments than those without. By the same token, a post with an original photo will generate genuine engagement, while a stock photo is more easily ignored by social media users. Snap a photo of your employees at work or your staff at a lunch meeting; this helps to give a face to your organization.

  1. Encourage participation

One of the keys to differentiating your social media strategy from other HVAC contractors is getting your followers involved in the fun you’re having. Post a funny photo of one of your techs, and caption it “Caption This”. Your followers will be eager to “out-funny” each other. This makes your social media profile an avenue for interacting with your customers and your social community, helping to increase your brand awareness and authenticity.

  1. Interact with your social community

The feature that makes social media really special is the ability to carry on real-time conversations with your target audience. However, neglecting the tools that allow you to interact with your followers can actually hurt your brand image. Comments on social media should be responded to in a timely manner, and with helpful or friendly messages. In addition, show your appreciation for brand engagement by tagging users who share your content. This kind of interaction will elevate your social media presence from the vast majority of HVAC contractors.

  1. Drive social media engagement with contests

Contests are a great way to involve your followers in your social media community and incentivize their engagement. You can use social media to host sweepstakes for free service or tickets to local concerts. In particular, user generated content is an effective way to use earned media to increase brand presence. For instance, the follower with the most creative #FamilyPoolDay picture gets a free service call. Or, pick a follower at random who likes or follows your page to receive a prize. Use contests to drive social media engagement and excite your community.

  1. Watch for trending topics

Remember that social media is a platform to humanize your brand in order to interact with your customers. With that being said, tailoring your content more to your followers’ interests, and less to HVAC, will strengthen your connection with them. Watch for trending topics on social media for topics to post about and popular hashtags. Also, you can use advanced social media tools to see what kinds of topics people within your target area are talking about. Instead of trying to use social media to promote your business, engage with your followers and amplify your brand presence.

Check back next month for more HVAC marketing tips from Effective Media Solutions!

Will Young
Director of Social Media/Blog Writer


May 23, 2017


How to Use Social Media to Drive HVAC Sales?

In today’s business world, it’s well understood that social media is a key component of an effective marketing strategy. However, using social media to generate new clients can be easier said than done, especially when it comes to HVAC. Effective Media Solutions specializes in using social media to grow local HVAC companies. Read on to see some of the ways we can enhance your business.

SMO targets ideal customers

SMO, or “Social Media Optimization”, is an advanced technique that allows social media posts to most accurately target the demographics you wish to attract to your business. Using SMO, your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various other platforms are optimized in order to achieve maximum visibility among those individuals most likely to convert into new customers. In addition, closely-related SEO tactics can help land your company’s digital content on the coveted first page of Google search results. This is a critical factor in turning a search into a lead.

Share your business on social media

As an HVAC contractor, it’s important to remember that your business has a brand, and in order to grow your brand, it needs to be seen and talked about. That’s where social media comes in. When your social media accounts are followed, and when your posts are shared by followers, your brand awareness grows exponentially. And the ability to respond to and interact with these followers only amplifies the impression your brand makes. The key here is to post engaging, entertaining and impactful content.  Quantity is important, but it should be quality relevant content.

Real time HVAC marketing

One of the most unique and significant aspects of social media marketing is that it’s live. Unlike traditional advertising, posts on social media are more conversational and organic in nature. This makes social media the ideal avenue for growing an HVAC business. Customers are likely to choose, and keep, their HVAC provider based on the level of trust they feel with the contractor. Social media allows for a level of authenticity that isn’t achievable through other promotional efforts. For instance, you can post a “5 Tips to Stay Safe When the Power Goes Out” blog when a storm causes power outages in your local area. Also, you can respond in real time to comments and questions on your social media pages. This gives your brand a genuine personality that is likely missing from many of your competitors, and this human touch could be the difference that causes a customer to choose your company.

Tracking the results – Measuring R.O.I.

This is where the rubber meets the road….so to speak. Growing likes and followers is great, and it makes you feel good as the business owner. But does it really drive business for contractors? I think you would be surprised! By installing the proper tracking code on your social posts, you can really show the Return On Investment with Social Media.  You can determine exactly which posts or videos generated traffic to your site.  You will be able to see which leads converted into customers!

Does your company need a boost in the Social Media department?

Follow our blog for more helpful advice on how to grow your HVAC business!

Will Young
Social Media Director/Blog Writer


February 9, 2017


Grow Your HVAC Business in 2017

If you are serious about growing your Heating and Air Conditioning company in 2017, and I know you are!  Let’s look at a few simple things you can implement that drive big returns for your company.  These techniques are simple, cost effective, and drive sales!

Develop a Referral Program

Referrals are a must for heating and air conditioning companies!  The average consumer knows very little about their home’s hvac system and even less on who to call for service or installation.  Studies show most home owners don’t even know the brand of the equipment that keeps them comfortable.  Word of mouth marketing is huge in our industry.

Take Advantage When You Are Top of Mind

Strike while the iron is hot!  Heating and air conditioning services are out of sight and out of mind to the consumer……except when they need you!  So capitalize on the opportunity when you come out and fix their problem…..You are their hero!  So, it’s time to use that to your advantage.  Here are a few simple things you can do to drive referrals:

  • Offer a coupon for future services
  • A gift card for their favorite restaurant
  • A donation to their charity of choice

Email Marketing

In today’s digital world, having your customer’s email is vital!  It’s probably more important than having their phone number.  Email marketing is a great tool to keep your company and it’s services top of mind with your customers.  Remember the average consumer is not thinking about heating and air conditioning.  Email marketing can be used in many ways:

  • Maintenance reminders and scheduling
  • Special offers during the slow seasons
  • Other services you offer (Ex. duct cleaning or indoor air quality upgrades)
  • Follow-ups from recent service, installation, or maintenance visits

This leads right into the last method to grow your business in 2017…..

Review Program

Effective Media Solutions helps our clients reach out to their customers on a regular basis.  The week after a service, maintenance, or installation visit, we send an email to each customer promoting how important customer service is to the company.  We ask the customer to rate their service experience.

  • If they had a great customer service experience, we have a link to send them directly to the contractor’s Google Reviews.  The link takes them exactly where they can leave a review, no extra steps or clicks……easy!
  • If there was a problem, we have a link to a hidden landing page on the contractor’s website.  The customer can leave comments which go directly to the HVAC company and are not seen by the general public

How This Helps Grow Your HVAC Business

  1. Referrals is an inexpensive way to gain new leads and ultimately new customers.
  2. Email marketing keeps you in touch with your current customers, prompts inactive customers to become active again, and promotes other services you offer.   It also is a great way to become more efficient in scheduling maintenance and service visits.
  3. Reviews are what help people rate your company in today’s world.  It also is a key component Google looks at for organic rankings for your website.

Sometimes it is the SIMPLE things that can matter the most!  Remember the three Must Do’s for 2017 for your HVAC company:

  1. Create and develop a Referral Program.
  2. Implement an Email Marketing Program to your customer base.
  3. Ask for and promote Reviews from your customers.


October 31, 2016


Grassroots Marketing for HVAC Companies

Marketing can present a challenge to HVAC contractors, as many struggle to create brand awareness and effectively reach their target audience. Traditional marketing techniques are costly to implement and may not significantly connect with the intended audience. At Effective Media Solutions, we’ve found that grassroots marketing campaigns have been highly successful at increasing HVAC companies’ presence in their community. This combined with digital and traditional marketing efforts in the marketplace build stronger brands, while improving the bottom line.

What is Grassroots Marketing?

Typically, marketing efforts attempt to promote a product or service to a broad group in order to increase sales. Grassroots marketing instead focuses efforts on smaller segments, with the intention of creating excitement about the brand. The excitement is then shared with others and generates a positive response. This is often called a “buzz”, or word-of-mouth, and it’s one of the most intangible, yet invaluable forms of promotion a brand can have. Common examples of grassroots campaigns include handing out promotional flyers or merchandise with company logos to the public, online blogs that speak to specific issues HVAC customers may have, or social media posts that foster personal conversations and engagement between the consumer the company.

Why is Grassroots Marketing Valuable to HVAC Companies?

Grassroots marketing has significant benefits that make it a powerful tool to HVAC contractors. Grassroots strategies often involve street level, face to face interactions with potential customer bases that TV and radio advertisements can’t provide. For instance, you might hand out coozies or t-shirts to fans walking to the stadium at a Panthers game. Not only do they bring your physical logo back into their home, reinforcing your image, they have a positive and meaningful association with your brand from a memorable experience. This kind of connection is priceless, as your unique branding will cut through the noise of all your competitors and be the first that comes to mind when that customer needs HVAC services. This is especially critical in metro markets like Charlotte, where countless HVAC providers constantly bombard the customer base with special offers and promotions. In addition, this kind of branding is extremely cost-effective. Compared to the cost of traditional advertising, grassroots marketing campaigns are very inexpensive, yet still make a meaningful impact on the intended audience. Publishing a blog or passing out merchandise requires negligible upfront investment, but it creates immediate brand association with the audience. Although this group may initially be smaller, grassroots efforts promote conversation, which grows your base. A social media post may not even need to be relevant to HVAC; a humorous picture or a photo of the staff at a popular local establishment can encourage people to tag others and share the content, spreading your brand at virtually no cost to your company.
A strong marketing strategy usually employs a diverse array of tactics to reach the target audience. However, grassroots campaigns offer advantages that make them ideal for any local HVAC contractor. Call or email Effective Media Solutions today to see what we can do for your brand.