Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking-HVAC Marketing

Forward Thinking Marketing for HVAC Owners

Marketing your HVAC business is tough in today's ever changing world. How do you get to potential customers wanting and needing your services? It used to be rather simple right? All you had to do as a heating and cooling contractor was get listed in the yellow pages, letter your trucks, and do quality work. Simple....In today's digital world it's much more complex to reach your target audience.  It takes forward thinking as a HVAC owner to find today's savvy consumer.

It all starts with you

In any business you are selling yourself, especially in the service industry. Consumers want to identify with who they are doing business with....they want trust. As a marketing and advertising agency specializing with HVAC contractors, we understand it's vital to build your marketing around you and your USP.

unique selling proposition-HVAC marketingCreating your USP

So what is USP?  It's your Unique Selling Proposition....It's what makes your heating and air company great!  Every contractor has something that separates them from their competition.  At Effective Media, we look to find and promote this with our clients.  In most cases, the USP for your business  is already there.....it just needs to be promoted. Remember only 2% of the population is in the market for your services at any given time. Consumers don't think about their heating or air conditioning until it's not working.  When you're thinking about your company's USP.  Think like a customer thinks not like a contractor; TRUST, VALUE, and FIXED NOW!

Your USP is your message

We have to craft a message that speaks to the average consumer or homeowner.  It must be simple and clear.....remember consumers don't speak contractor talk, they speak consumer.  So have a message that is easy to deliver, easy to remember, and consistent across all forms of your marketing and advertising.  Now is the time to create awareness for your brand.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Once you have determined the USP for your business, how do we tell everyone?  Today's marketing channels are constantly evolving.  It seems like just yesterday...direct mail  was a sure thing, then websites were the hot thing in the HVAC industry, then Facebook....now what?  They all can work in harmony together with the proper marketing plan.   At Effective Media, we sit down with clients and map out the entire calendar year month by month. That way you have a road map for your marketing, and you don't get caught without work in the slow times.  We make sure that you message is same everywhere, or you may end up competing against yourself.

multi-channel marketing-huac

  • Traditional: Radio, TV, Print
  • Digital: Website, SEO, PPC, YouTube, Email
  • Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Grassroots: Jobsite Signs, Vehicles, Sponsorships, Referrals

It's All About TOMA for HVAC

What's TOMA you ask?  It's Top of Mind Awareness, and it is critical in the heating and air conditioning contracting world.  Your target customer is very busy today with their personal, professional, and now their social world.  They are bombarded with advertisements wherever they go and whatever they do.  So, it is critical to create awareness about your HVAC business.  It's not always about selling something....remember only 2% are looking....it's about being relevant in the community!  It's about the proper image to the consumer of trust, quality, and timely service.  You have to be forward thinking as a business owner or you'll be looking back.....it's time to work with an agency that understands your business and your customers.

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