Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning

media planning and buyingEver tried to get to from one place to another in unfamiliar territory without a road map? A Media Plan is the road map we use to get your company from a position of little or no exposure to the coveted first choice position over your competitors. Your company should be the first option (equity position) when people identify themselves as having that specific need that your services or products may fulfill.

Throughout the year, your company will most likely change focus several times to meet market demand. Many companies present mixed marketing messages, creating a disconnect with the public. The advertising world is crowded enough and there are too many competitors for you to be competing with yourself. The Media Plan will help you keep your message consistent, building frequency across various forms of media and increasing ROI.

A Media Plan is flexible. It is written in pencil not ink. This gives us the opportunity to be proactive against market conditions and competition. We may update your Media Plan as many as fifteen times throughout the year. For example, an HVAC company will focus on heating repair/replacement in the winter months, maintenance plans/service agreements in the fall, and spring and AC repair/replacement in the summer. In order to effectively reach their target consumer (homeowners) a multitude of media must be used and updated at the appropriate time. A Media Plan helps to lay out what media will be supporting which service. It also helps to insure the consistency of your marketing message and branding across all media outlets.

Media Buying

Media Buying is an extremely important but often overlooked function of an advertising firm. Media Buying determines how many times (frequency) your ad will see the light of day. A typical advertising agency media buyer is an entry level employee. Media Buying instructional courses vary from only a few days to a few months and teach confrontational tactics such as threats and intimidation. When we worked at the media companies we did not like to be treated in this manner and believe it does not lead to the most effective agreements.

The media buyers at Effective Media Solutions are not your traditional media buyers. Our experience comes from years as sales managers for major media companies. In this capacity, we negotiated millions of dollars of advertising revenues on their behalf. If you have ever purchased media yourself, we were the ones that negotiated against you and worked to insure you paid higher rates.

Why is this important to you? We understand how their inventory systems work. We know when they have inventory demand and most importantly when they don’t. Media companies price their inventory like the airlines. The earlier you get in, the better the deals. Through this process we are able todouble or triple the amount of TV, Cable, Radio, Billboard, and Internet Advertising a client may get on their own. In addition, throughout the year, added value opportunities will arise. We are the ones who get called for these opportunities. Often times we speak directly to Sales Managers. We held similar positions and can speak their language. We believe you get more flies with honey. We treat media reps and managers the way we want to be treated. In doing so, we always get the best deals while creating positive relationships with these advertising companies for our clients.

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